The Girls State Experience


Idaho Syringa Girls State is a unique look at the inner workings of government. From the cities, to counties, to the State of Syringa, Girls State delegates have the opportunity to create the structure to support all citizens. The experience of attending Idaho Syringa Girls State is difficult to explain in just a few words; we think that even pictures sometimes can’t say it all!  Here are a couple of fantastic videos of our Girls State to show you a little of what it’s like to be a part of the Girls State Experience!

(The 2017 Video has no sound at the beginning of the clip; just keep watching, it’s worth it!)

Here is a message from Fanisee Bias, your Governor for the 2018 Session!

Here is Mariah Dunn, one of this year’s Girls State Senators!



Here is another great video! This is Olivia Archibald, one of our Girls Nation Senators!

And as always, you can see what the Girls State experience looks like in real-time by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!

Here’s a note from the 2017 Girls State Governor, Ayana Amaechi:

Girl’s State teaches young ladies several great qualities. These qualities range from perseverance, to leadership skills, all the way to time management. Here, you can not only enter as yourself but leave knowing that you made improvements along the way. Becoming a better person promotes you to become a better citizen. The opportunity to immerse yourself in a real government setting is a feeling like no other. This week will consist of many trials but are proven worthwhile after seeing the change in these young ladies. The amount of patriotism and confidence gained after this week is noteworthy and something to be proud of.

And some words of encouragement from the 2016 Girls Nation Senators Saydie Garcia and Olivia Archibald:

Saydie: Girls State completely changed my life. I grew in many ways that I did not even know was possible. The leadership skills that Girls State provides is remarkable. The leaders there promote equality and not only show girls that although we may live in a man’s world we can still progress and essentially become equally as superior as males. They are creating future leaders of America and allowing, for once, telling the females that we can become something great and do not have to follow behind males. Girl’s State allows for each individual to get the insight of the operations of the government system. It also allows each person to run for many different positions while still being encouraged by other competing for the same spot. I made so many great long term friendships that will be my support system for the rest of my life. I loved the experience it gave me. I have finally chose my career and allowed my inner leadership skills to rise. Girls Nation was full of so many leaders and wonderful girls. The best thing about the competition is that everyone still attempted to encourage one another. Right before we met Boys Nation our leader said “Ladies do not forget what we have been teaching you here at Girls Nation, we have taught you to be strong and lead. Do not allow the boys to takeover and become superior like you have been taught all these years.” She went on continuing to talk about how we should not let our leadership skills fade away around the boys, but the most touching thing I heard is how she ended the speech “Ladies just remember one things, do not let the boys walk in front. You guide them, you lead them, this is your world.” I will remember those words forever, because in most times girls let themselves allow the males to guide and lead and we follow behind. That is not who we are as females, we are just as strong as them. We can lead. For these reasons I can never thank Girl’s state and Nation for all that they have taught me.

Olivia: Welcome to Girls State! You’re about to embark in one of the most life-changing weeks of your high school career. Girls State is an incredible program with even better benefits. During my time at Girls State I grew in so many ways. I made new friends, was given opportunities to improve leadership and speaking skills, and acquired new-found gratitude for my country. The lessons I learned at Girls State have helped me so much, even in just the last year alone! It prepared me for numerous interviews, instituted my membership in the American Legion Auxiliary, and helped me realize the importance of being a contributing, knowledgeable citizen. Have fun, be happy, and have the best week ever!