Writing Your Bill

We strongly encourage you to write a bill for Girls State. It will make your experience fun and educational. On occasion, bills adopted at Girls State have gone on to become actual Idaho law. Furthermore, Girls State bills may also get some media attention. Writing a bill and getting it passed is also good to list on a resume or scholarship application.

If you choose to submit a legislative bill, it must be prepared and submitted prior to Girls State.  Not everyone submits a bill, it is up to you.  If you wish to submit a bill, there is information, and sample legislative bills and templates on our website under Delegates/Writing Your Bill.  You may want to contact your local legislator or high school government teacher for assistance in coming up with a potential subject. Please email your bills to idahogirlsstatebills@gmail.com by June 1, 2019 as a Word Document. Please reference Girls State Bill in the subject line of your email. Due to the amount of work involved by our staff to get your bills ready for Girls State, we cannot accept any bills after June 1st. Please be sure and bring an electronic copy of your bill on a flash drive to Girls State, in case of errors during submission.

Below are documents that will help you in writing your bill.

Bill Sample

Bill Template (Use this template to write your bill.  It will make your life a ton easier…)

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