Other Information and Opportunities

Parliamentary Procedure

Often called “parli pro,” this system is the way we do business at Girls State.  Simply put, the more you know about parli pro before you come, the better you will be able to navigate through the week. You are more than welcome to purchase your own copy of Robert’s Rules of Order and pour over it until you get to NNU. However, we use slightly modified rules at Girls State. If you have never even heard of parli pro before, here’s some resources to help you brush up:

Idaho Girls State Parli Pro Guide

National Association of Parliamentarians – Parliamentary Basics

And for those of you who want a video, here’s a good YouTube clip

Additional Items Available for Purchase at Girls State

When you arrive at NNU, the Girls State Store will be open. You will have the opportunity to purchase Girls State branded items and your Nationalists or Federalists Party t-shirts. Here are the items available from the Girls State Store and their respective costs; we can take cash or card when you arrive! You will also have the chance to purchase items throughout the week.

T-shirts: $10

Water Bottles: $4.00

Hoodies: $25

Nylon Drawstring backpack/tote: $6 (Most girls purchase the tote bag to carry their Girls State materials. These backpack/totes come in very handy!)

Political Party t-shirt: $10.

Dress Code and Packing List

Here is the Dress Code for ALA Girls State! Please remember: absolutely NO spaghetti-strap blouses, even if worn under a jacket, and you MUST wear close-toed shoes to the Capitol!

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