Dress Code – Packing Guide

American Legion Auxiliary Idaho Syringa Girls State

Daily Professional Attire Requirements for everyone who attends Girls State:

*There are rules governing professional attire on America’s House and Senate floors.  Men must be in a suit and tie.  Women’s dresses must be knee-length and cover the shoulders and cleavage.  Suit jackets must be worn with slacks. 

One of the highlights of Girls State is to match the professional attire of the numerous civic leaders we meet and learn about throughout the week.  Your professional appearance, as a citizen of Girls State, reflects your dedication and appreciation for the other Girls State citizens, yourself, volunteer staff, and the political leaders you will represent.


  1. Knee-length skirts or dresses with sleeves that cover shoulders and no cleavage showing
  2. Dress pants (no jeans, khakis or shorts)
  3. Dress tops with sleeves that cover shoulders, no cleavage showing and not see-through
  4. Business footwear (must wear closed toe shoes for safety on capitol day)
  5. Casual attire is untorn jeans or slacks with a modest t-shirt/blouse with full cover of shoulders and midriff


*Travel Time to Girls State-Please wear comfortable clothing.  You will have time to change before we begin.

*Opening Ceremonies-Knee-length dresses or skirts with tops (see above)

*City Meetings-Casual attire (see above) 

*No shorts at City Meetings Sunday night please as we will be meeting together again for the Evening Assembly.


*All day- Dresses or skirts (knee-length) or dress pants with tops (see above)


*All day- Dresses or skirts (knee-length) or dress pants and tops (see above) 

*Recreation Night- Casual attire (see above)


*All day- Dresses or skirts (knee-length) or dress pants and tops (see above)


*Capitol Day- Professional knee-length dresses or skirts (see above)

*Must wear closed toe shoes (No heels or flip flops) for safety concerns

*Talent Night- Casual attire (see above)


*All day- Dresses or skirts (knee-length) or dress pants and tops (see above)

*Inauguration- Sunday dress or formal/prom dress


*Professional Attire: Dresses or skirts (knee-length), dress pants and tops should be professional with sleeves that cover shoulders, no cleavage showing, no midriffs, and not see-through. You may wear sweaters instead of suit jackets at Girls State.  There are only three times you must wear a dress or skirt during the week as listed above.

*Wear comfortable shoes because we do LOTS of walking!  High heeled shoes are not prohibited (except on Capitol Day), but not recommended…(Trust us).  Flip flops are only to be worn during casual attire times.

*Girls who decline to adhere to the above dress code, as signed and agreed to by all citizens and their parent/guardian, may be sent home at their parent’s/guardian’s expense or not allowed to participate in the Girls State activities.

You may download a picture guide to the Dress Code here.

You can find the packing guide in your Consent Packet and download it here as well.